Aerial Photography & Filming in Scotland

At Barclay Studios we love to offer something different and nothing is more unique than a stunning birds eye view of your home, project or event.  We have a professional range of drone equipment with full insurance and qualifications which lets us fly almost anywhere in the UK. We can provide services for a wide variety of clients from aerial property schedules to sports, events and TV commercials. Our UAV’s can access almost anywhere a helicopter or plane can go, but it can also fly indoors or close to people and crowds, making it more versatile than a traditional helicopter or plane. Images and video can be viewed from the ground enabling you to see exactly the shots we are getting. This can also be useful for roof surveys and other activities where it is hard to get to. We also have professional ground video and photography equipment to complement our aerial technology. We operate all over Scotland and have the option to obtain ‘Special Permissions to Fly’ if we are flying in ‘hard to fly’ areas like national monuments or big crowds.

Aerial photography provides many unique and sometimes amazing opportunities to get images from a bird’s eye view. All shoots are undertaken with full insurance and are weather permitting.

So whatever your needs please get in touch for a quote.  We offer a full editing service for photographs and video.

Before any aerial work we always carry out a site survey taking into account all factors which may affect the safety of those people on the ground or other potential aircraft. Remember also we can fly inside – we have laser positioning systems that let us fly in indoor spaces.

We use the latest in drone technology allowing 4k or 1080p video, which is incredible smooth and professional. We are certified by the CAA to fly in the UK. We can operate our UAV’s in a host of different areas. This give us huge versatility as to where we can operate safely. For commercial aerial photography we undertake all necessary health and safety assessments and thorough risk assessments. Please get in contact with us to discuss your project.